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Wet wet wet!

Perhaps the ultimate proof that Ben Ricketts is wonderful in all weathers is when a four-day weeding weekend is washed out – and you have a marvellous time anyway.

Each year at the end of January Nancy & Rob gather a group of friends together for some serious weeding on and around BREP. Past years have seen us work on the trad and other pests on the Trisha/Kirkby section of BREP, remove huge Ginger Lily plants from a neighbouring property, work on the garden, and more. We also take the chance to explore some of the harder to reach corners of the property.

Misty rain softens the view of the house paddock
Beautiful in all weathers!

This year the plan was no different, with Trisha/Kirkby and the garden in particular in our sights. With weeding gear and wellies at the ready, we were set. But the weather had other ideas. The end of January saw days and days of rain. Sometimes heavy, but mostly swirling misty rain that wets you from several directions at once! Not ideal weeding weather…

Still, we managed to get by, with several damp but lovely walks on the property and an expedition to Carrington Falls. The steady rain filled all of our creeks and the Falls were of course spectacular!

James, Rob, Chris, Craig, Keren, Jane and Kate with a view
Catching some sun between showers at Carrington Falls

Along with some championship level eating and drinking, and the general enjoyment of each other’s company, it was a marvellous few days.


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