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Ben Ricketts working bees for 2017

Over the last 12 years our shareholders and friends have contributed hundreds of hours to maintaining and improving the cabins, working in the garden and regenerating the natural environment. We have also built a community and these weekends are calendar highlights for many of us.

We have four working bees planned for 2017:

  • Feb 18/19;

  • May 27/28;

  • Aug 12/13;

  • Oct 14/15 ( including the AGM).

Gather on the Friday evening and leave on Sunday, get free shared accommodation and a tasty meal on the Saturday night. Some workers come up for the day.

Everyone is welcome! Bring a plate to share for lunch.

Jobs include bushcare, cleaning, painting, minor ( and some major) cabin repairs and building new walking trails.

As always, let our caretakers if know if you are coming at

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