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Winter at Ben Ricketts: time for birdwatching!

The beautiful brown cuckoo-dove

Winter is a wonderful time to visit Ben Ricketts. The mornings are misty, the fireplaces keep you warm, and there are lots of birds to be seen.

The abundance of birdlife in and around Ben Ricketts brings birdwatching groups to come and stay, enjoying the birdlife not only on our property, but also in the many readily accessible sites close by. The Canberra Ornithologists Group has stayed at BREP twice in recent years. Using us as a base, they visited Robertson, the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, Jerrara Dam, Saddleback, Wingecarribee Reservoir, Minnamurra Rainforest and our own Misty lane. And of course they spent time enjoying our own rainforest and its many denizens.

​Amazingly, on these excursions they counted an incredible 82 different bird species! From larger birds like lyrebirds, satin bowerbirds and the grey goshawk to many tiny species: fairywrens, firetails, spinebills and more.

The cabins get lots of visitors

Sue Lashko from the group talked about why they keep coming back: “There are great birds on the property and nearby at Barren Grounds, and it’s close to other good bird areas like Minnamurra rainforest. I think BREP is the closest accommodation to Barren Grounds, and the cottages provide comfortable and cosy accommodation.”

So come along and check out our beautiful birds, enjoy our walks… and then come back for a hot meal and a warm fire.

Get up close with familiar friends

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